Objects in Space selected for alt.ctrl 2017

IMG_1559The announcement has just gone live on the GDC site of all the great games which will on display at the alt.ctrl.GDC exhibit from 1st-3rd March next year. We’re honoured to say that Objects in Space has been selected as one of the 20 games with weird alternate controllers to be accepted for the show!

The Objects in Space physical spaceship controllers have been with us now in their various forms at PAX Australia twice, PAX East, PAX West, RTX Australia and GX Australia. They mimic the interior of the in-game bridge and can be used to control almost all the functionality of their ship.

They function using Arduinos, and players are able to build their own at home using any combination of functions they wish. Early guides and blueprints for our setup are already available here on the site, and there’s much more information to come.

But of course, a keyboard and mouse works just fine for the game too. :)

We’re looking forward to showing the game in San Francisco!

Podcast in Space – Episode Ten

We’re back with another huge update!

In this episode, Elissa and Leigh talk about how we’re setting about populating the open world of Objects in Space. You see, space is big. REALLY big. You just won’t believe how mind-bogglingly big it is.

So naturally we need a lot of stuff to put *in* space, lest it seem empty. So give it a listen and hear some of the stuff we’ve got planned.

Podcast in Space – Episode Nine

2015-02-were-back-babyWe’re back from Seattle and back in the groove (unashamed Toejam and Earl reference – we played it at PAX West and it was AWESOME)!

So we’ve done gone an’ recorded yet another podcast episode! Our own Jennifer Scheurle joins us to talk all things PAX. We only got held up for additional scrutiny with the physical spaceship controllers once or twice this time! Phew!

Check it out here and subscribe on iTunes if you’re into that sort of thing!

Two new gameplay videos live now! Also we’re in Seattle for PAX West!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.48.53 AMAll kinds of news today, folks!

First up: there are two new video walkthroughs which detail new as yet unseen systems.

The first video goes into sensors and stealth in depth, while the second sees our ship be struck by a torpedo and have to make on-the-spot repairs while in deep space. Check them out!

Next cab off the rank is the fact that Jenny and Leigh are in Seattle for PAX West! You can find us on the 6th floor at Booth #6217 (part of the PAX Australia Roadshow section). Come say hi!

Finally, there’s a new episode of the Podcast in Space live now! This episode features our Lead Artist Mathew Purchase speaking about creating tools to help the team turn his 3D art assets into people, places and things in game. Check it out here!

Big update today. Spread the word, join the mailing list and keep on flying!

Join Flat Earth Games with Objects in Space and more on tonight’s 6T4Bites!

Keen to see more Objects in Space? Tune in to 6T4Bites as Elissa, Jenny and Leigh are guests on tonight’s Indieworks! We’ll be playing some Objects with the physical space ship controllers (of course), AND we’ll be playing our back catalogue including TownCraft and Metrocide. Drop in, join the chat and ask us questions!

Tune in this link at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (CUT+10 hours)!

Objects in Space wins PAX Australia Showcase!

Good news, Apollonians!

Objects in Space has been selected as one of six winners (from almost one hundred games) of the PAX Australia Showcase!

What does this mean? Two things:

1) We’re all very excited.

Everything working and ready for PAX!

2) We’ll be coming back to Melbourne to attend PAX Australia again this year! So if you’re coming along to the show, head to the Indie Showcase section (next to the PAX Rising area) and say hi! We’ll have the physical spaceship controller Mark II setup there – the ones we debuted at PAX East in Boston – so even if you saw it last year, you aren’t gonna want to miss this!

Thanks very much to the industry panel who voted us in, to the PAX Australia team for all their support, and to all our fans who chime in here on the forums and tell us how excited you are. Keeping on going with a project as big as this is hard, and it means the world to us that you’re as excited as we are. :)

Thanks to you all.

Be sure to take a look at the other awesome winners as well!

– The Flat Earth Games team.


Podcast in Space now available on iTunes!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.57.12 pmWe’ve had requests to join the 21st century and get our dev podcast up on iTunes, so we’ve done exactly that! The Podcast in Space is our fortnightly (roughly) podcast about the development of Objects in Space. We cover off what’s been going on behind the scenes and discuss features of the game as they’re going in – sharing as much as we can about the whole development experience with you.

So jump on in and share the link around! There’s plenty of news to go around.

Play Objects in Space in Sydney next Wednesday

If you fancy playing Objects using the Mark II space ship control panels, you should get yourself down to Big Head Mode: Bonus Stage next Wednesday. It’s a comedy variety live show about video games and this month it features none other than our very own Jennifer Scheurle as the special guest of the evening! You can purchase tickets here.

Also, we decided not to try and compete with the noise around E3, but we’re back again with our Podcast in Space this week! This episode, Elissa and Leigh talk about the new sensor and hull damage systems. Meanwhile, there’s a sample of one of the new tracks for the soundtrack for the intro and outro, so give it a listen if you want more of a taste of what music’s in store for the game!