Update on Objects in Space

Objects in Space has been a huge project for a very small team. We’ve put all our hearts and souls into it for many years to get it to 1.0, implementing as many changes as we could between Early Access launch and now, both from fans and our own list of features we wanted for the game.

The community, while limited in size, has shown a deep passion and love for our creation, and we’ve done our best in putting out the eight updates we’ve released since launch. The sad side is that, as per any other project – especially from an indie perspective where there’s been just the two of us working on it for most of the last year of development – we can’t keep up updating the game for an unlimited time. Being such a small team has its drawbacks, and we’ve had to balance the passion we’ve had and still do have for Objects with other demands in our own lives.

So having Objects in Space in our hearts, it’s really sad to say that we’ve had to move on, and both of us have been focusing on work aside from Flat Earth Games, at least for now.

That said, we’ve spoken about trying to find time to come back to it and Elissa and I would both very much like to come back at least to do one final update in the next few months to address the most pressing issues.

We want to send our deepest thanks to all the people who ever boarded a Ceres-class ship and discovered the world of Objects in Space. And we would like to send our appreciation to all of those who expressed their feedback – negative or positive – allowing us, with all the limits we had, to refine this project as much as we did.

We do very much apologise for not having written this sooner, but it’s required us finding out how much time we still have for the game and of course making sure our publisher and investors are all ok with us putting out this message.

We really love you all, and hope you’ll keep good memories of your time in Apollo.


Elissa and Leigh