Objects in Space v1.0 coming 1st March

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 10.30.21 am

After almost a year in Early Access, we’ve finally got a release date for Objects in Space: March 1st.

The launch will see the game’s narrative content double, mod support become enabled, multiplayer working (4 players over LAN at first, but we’re hoping to expand to internet play from there) and a Linux version up and running.

In addition, we’ve had a massive internal-use wiki which has powered the lore and world of Objects since writing first began many years ago. We’ve decided to open it up and make a publicly-editable version. So anyone hoping to sink their teeth into editing / expanding the world through mods or whatever they want to has access to everything we did.

It’s a sprawling behemoth of a wiki which took years to write just on its own, so hopefully people enjoy it once it’s live.