The Scenarios Update is OUT NOW!

It’s here – the Scenarios Update (0.9.5) is now live on Steam and GOG.

There’s plenty to checkout and a whole bunch of quality-of-life fixes for the open world outside of the new scenarios themselves.

Let us know what you think, and as always please drop any crash or bug reports to

The Scenarios Update

This massive new update for Objects in Space upgrades loads of systems from the game’s open world, as well as adding 17 all-new combat scenarios for players to test their space stealth-action skills.

The new scenarios update overhauls engineering, power and time compression as well as adding the following new modes:

Defence: Protect a space station against an unknown kamikaze ship and its aggressive escorts.
Stealth: See if you can navigate treacherous waters completely undetected.
Convoy Attack: Several ships are escorting a transport vessel and it cannot reach its destination in one piece.
Escape: Huge numbers of enemies are between you and your destination. Can you get there without being destroyed?
Survival: The whole fleet is being thrown at you – can you survive for just one hour without your ship being destroyed?

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