Big Update Coming 8th September

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 10.30.21 amHi all!

We’ve been less frequent on the updates since the number of crashes and major bug reports dropped to a minimal amount, hard at work on a Scenarios Update which will add over a dozen new challenge maps to the game so you can hone your skills in stealth, escape, convoy attacks (pictured) and space station defence game modes.

Alongside this suite of new game modes / challenges to try, we’ll also be tackling:

Time Compression (Allowable in more situations and UI moved away from centre-screen)
AI (significantly less suicidal and more intelligent)
Crimes (If you commit them, authority ships will now react)
Power Room (scrollable screen to facilitate ships with more than 8 modules)
Components (can be jettisoned into space to free up engineering inventory room)
Main Menu (Re-worked to allow keyboard inputs and give us more options for adding future bits and pieces)
Save Games (slot count increased to 5)

There’ll also be a whole host of smaller fixed and upgrades too minute to mention here, but it’ll suffice to say the whole game will provide a smoother experience than it did previously.

Thank you all for playing, and we hope you like the update!

Leigh and Elissa