A big thank you to all our beta testers…

Hi everyone,

We’ve just shut down the beta so we can focus less on upkeep and more on trying to handle the myriad (approaching 1000) very helpful emails and bug reports you’ve all sent in throughout the past week or so.

I just wanted to take the time to give a massive thank you from the team here to everyone who played the game, and especially those of you who took the time to send in feedback, crash logs, bug reports and that kind of thing.

Especially given the save game incompatibility, full screen issues and crashes to desktop, we really appreciate how much time you were willing and able to dedicate to the game.

It’s been some four and a half years since we first started prototyping Objects in Space (back when it was going to be 2D pixel art), and while we’ve shown a combat demo at shows and expos for the past few years, we’ve never had (nearly 1000) people play the full open world from the beginning before, so seeing so many people getting into it and enjoying what we’ve made is… well it’s exactly the kind of shot-in-the-arm we need to help push us the final mile and get this game into Early Access and beyond.

Seriously, we can’t thank all of you enough.

21st of June is when it’ll be out on Early Access, and our time between now and then will be almost exclusively dedicated to handling crashes and resolution issues.

But we’re also planning a road map right now for what features and content we want to roll-out throughout Early Access. There’s SO much stuff which *almost* made it to the beta, but not quite. EA will give us ample opportunity to keep on adding to and improving the game.

We hope you enjoy it when it comes out, and thank you all again.

Leigh, and the rest of the Flat Earth Games team.