Objects in Space on Polygon

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.10.39 amBrian Crecente from Polygon recently visited us down in Sydney and did a huge write-up on the physical controllers for Objects in Space, plus some of the other very cool indie games going on in Sydney (including our Lead Artist Mathew Purchase’s game Unstoppable)!

The article features a lengthy write-up of Crecente’s experience with the game at Sydney’s monthly ‘Beer and Pixels’ event, and has an extensive interview with the co-creator of the physical controllers Jennifer Scheurle.

Also be sure to check out the video embedded in the article, which shows a live demo using the physical controllers.

From the article:

Scheurle sits me down in front of the monitor. Beneath it is a wooden box painted a gray-black that holds an Apple keyboard between two mounted speakers. On either side of the monitor are large wooden consoles, each taller than the monitor itself. The consoles are packed with switches, lights, buttons and meters. Each one does something; each is a replica of a control you’ll find in digital form in the game.

Playing the game without the controls requires clicking into and out of subsystems quickly to manage power consumption, weapons, movement — basically everything.

The game is played as if you’re in a spaceship, one that doesn’t have a view of outside, but instead uses all of its space to show you the controls and monitors.

It’s very doable without the console, but there’s something about toggling switches and pressing buttons that makes the whole thing seem more real.