Happy 2016, everyone! Come play Objects at RTX Australia!

IMG_1847It’s a new year and the Objects team is hard at work on the game once again. Well, we didn’t really stop. Holidays are a great time for really knuckling down and getting in some good, solid dev time!

To celebrate the new year, here’s a 3D-printed model of the Ceres freighter – the iconic ship from all of the screenshots we’ve released so far – created by our concept artist / physical console builder extraordinaire Jennifer Scheurle.

So progress is good, and we’re attacking 2016 head-on, but not without a few public stops along the way for people to check out Objects in Space in person.

This year, we’re pleased to announce that as well as GX Australia, we’ve signed on for a booth at RTX Australia, which is happening in just a couple of weeks’ time here in Sydney! For those of you who don’t know, RTX is Rooster Teeth Expo. That’s that video empire over in the States who started out doing Red vs Blue machinima for the original Halo. Nowadays they’re kind of a big deal(tm), and this marks their first ever time in doing one of their massive expos  down under. The show is already sold out, so consider this a courtesy to let those of you who’ve already bought tickets know that you should stop by the booth, say hello and find out what all the fuss at PAX Australia was about.

We hope to see you there, and happy new year everyone!