Objects in Space in Indie Game Magazine

Yet more media around what is fast becoming known as the Great Objects in Space PAX Bonanza: this time in the venerable Indie Game Magazine.

Indie Game Mag Still Objects

Indie Game Magazine has been featuring Objects in Space in its pages for an ongoing series called ‘Engine Room’ every two months throughout the back half of 2015. This round is the last time Objects will be featured as the mag moves other indies into the spotlight, so we say thank you to IGM for helping us document our progress and enlighten its readers as to the development process.

If you pick up this issue, you’ll read about the last minute calls we had to make when deciding whether or not to get all the physical hardware and Arduino functionality working in time for PAX. It was, I daresay, a photo finish. We got all the boxes you saw up and running on the show floor to finally work at around 5pm the day before PAX.

Check out this issue of Indie Game Magazine and also the September and July issues for the full run-down on the development of Objects in Space so far…