Flat Earth Games will sponsor GX Sydney, Objects will be there…

FullSizeRender-3For those who don’t know, GX (formerly GaymerX) is the first expo focused on celebrating LGBTQ+ and diverse gamers. There are several events in the States already, but none down here in Australia. Until now!

We care a great deal about diversity in gaming and in all facets of life, and are only too happy to join GX as an Indie GameDev Sponsor. Having a safe space for a range of people to come together and enjoy games is a crucial part of the future of the medium we all love, and getting behind GX is our way of being a part of that.

Needless to say, Objects in Space will be on show. We’ll have the trademark physical hardware which turned so many heads (that last link includes Deus Ex creator Warren Spector saying Objects was the most intriguing game of the show) at PAX Australia, so you can come and have a chat to us, meet the team and get to fiddle with all kinds of switches, lights and buttons as we walk you through the game.

We wholeheartedly encourage everyone to donate to the GX Kickstarter and to spread the word about the event! It should be loads of fun and hopefully there’ll be plenty of other indie games on show.

Our thanks go to Joshua Meadows and Liam Esler for putting this all together, and look forward to seeing you there!