Signup now for the Beta – Game coming to Early Access 21st June

We’re finally ready to share Objects in Space with the world.

Sign up here for the limited Beta we’re running in late May (PC and Mac only), and the game itself will hit Early Access on 21st June (PC and Mac) and later this year for Linux.

Meanwhile, here’s a video walkthrough for those who are new and want to know what the game’s all about:

And here’s the newly-released trailer which announced the release date and beta:

Oh and while we were at it, we put up a new Podcast in Space! Check the Podcast page for the latest news.


New Podcast Episode – Number Seventeen

Hey everyone,

We’re back with another podcast episode update. this time covering off a whole host of new features as we close in on a release date for the game. We’re talking about the game’s contract systems, story logic, PDA functionality including in-game maps and note-taking sections, space station details and much much more! Check it out on the podcast page here.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 3.14.18 pm

New Podcast Episode Available!

After a significant hiatus, we’ve just done another podcast where we forego the usual format in favour of just doing one long ‘lightning round’ of listing features which have been added to the game over the past few months.

Check it out on the podcast page for news on everything from AI to physical space station construction, from new sensor array mechanics to NPC behaviours.

A New Podcast in Space Episode is Here

Elissa and Leigh have recorded another episode of the Podcast in Space, talking this time about the new visual interfaces the game will sport in the final version and talking about how to work the faction-based contract economy into the narrative structure of the open world. If that kind of high level geekery appeals to you, head on over to the Podcast in Space page to check out this and other episodes…

Objects in Space is a Selection for IndieCade 2017!

Great and encouraging news from the team over at IndieCade: Objects in Space is one of the Selection games this year.

Out of 1000+ games submitted this year, Objects is one of a few dozen titles (full list here) which has been selected to appear at the event in LA.

Sadly we’re not sure we have the time or money to actually go and attend the event, so the game may not physically end up being there / playable, but if this changes we’ll be sure to send out a blast to everyone on our mailing list!

Hit the link above to check out some of the other amazing indie games which were selected (and those nominated for awards) this year!

New Podcast Episode Up!

It’s time for another Podcast in Space, this time with Elissa and Leigh discussing such things as the new and as yet unseen Enceladus class starship, details about contracts, factions and making money, cargo pods and salvage missions and the latest feature to be added to the game: procedurally-generated passenger trips. Check it out on the Podcast Page now, and sound off if you have any further questions on the forums.

More Podcast in Space goodness…

Following on from yesterday’s big news about us working with 505 Games, we’ve got a brand new episode of the Podcast in Space for y’all! Elissa, Leigh and Matt talk about the introduction sequence to the game (mostly spoiler-free, but a note of caution for anyone wanting to specifically know nothing at all about the plot), the construction of new playable ships, the implementation of stories and much more!

Form an orderly queue, please.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 3.14.18 pm